QR Code Readers

Even though there’s not a lot of point in having a QR code reader if you don’t even know how to create a code, it is important that you understand what a QR code reader is, because your customers will need one in order to access and benefit from your code. And, if you want to test out the code yourself or use QR codes in any other way than simply creating them, you’ll also need to know what a QR code reader is, and how to get one. The good news is that getting a reader is even easier than creating a code!

A simple online search will bring up a list of QR code readers that can be downloaded and used to scan, read, and view QR codes. Like the software available for creating the codes in the first place, the software for scanning and viewing the codes is free – so there’s no cost to your customers and they’ve got nothing to lose!

A popular QR code reader for the iPhone is i-nigma; in fact this reader is said to be the most popular code reader in the world! This may be because it can be used on any type of phone, as long as that phone is equipped with a camera. Android users can also use the app Barcode Scanner, which also works as a QR code reader. With the rise of all the apps that allow you to scan, check and compare prices also came the rise of the QR readers. Developers of these apps knew of the QR technology that was already highly in play and seized upon it, building in technology before consumers even knew they wanted it.

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