Generating QR Codes

Before you go any further and start trying to figure out how to use QR codes in your marketing campaigns and to increase traffic to your website, you’re going to first need to know how to create one at all. The good news here is that creating a QR code is free, and it’s as easy as typing on your keyboard.

Do a quick Google search for “QR code generator,” and you’ll come up with a full listing of websites that will allow you to create your own QR codes. Be warned that there are nearly as many websites offering QR code generators as there codes themselves, and they all offer different things. While you’ll be able to input simple text for your code on just about every site, others will let you create advanced codes that include things such as color, images, and your company’s logo. So while it’s easy to find a listing of websites that will allow you to generate your own QR codes, it’s a little more difficult to find the right one for what you want to do with your code.

One example of a more “basic” type of QR code generator site is Here you can create your own codes, and it’s very easy. Input your text and you can choose to link that code to a website, a text number, a phone number, or an SMS. You can also choose the size of your code, which will be important when we start considering using QR codes in different marketing practices later on. When you’re just starting out making your own codes, these basic sites are generally a great place to start and will give you a real feel for what you can do with them.

An example of a QR code generator that is a bit more advanced and allows you to create more customized codes is This website will let you choose a foreground and a background color, and will even allow you to choose your own error correction level, URL shortening, block size, margin size, and output type. Once you get really comfortable using and creating QR codes in your marketing campaigns, the options can really be limitless on sites such as these!

Whatever QR code generator you choose to use and however advanced of a code you choose to use, the most important thing is that you use one, and that you start generating codes to generate more business!

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