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What are QR Codes?

Even if you haven’t directly heard about them, or know what they are, the chances are good that you’ve at least seen a QR code – even if you didn’t realize it at the time.

QR or, “quick response,” codes are most often compared to barcodes in explanation. And while they are very much like a barcode, in that they are a somewhat scrambled code that when scanned, have an actual meaning, they are also vastly different from barcodes.

Most simply put, QR codes are a way to connect offline activity with online activity. Every company these days has a website and everyone wants to get traffic to their website – QR codes can do that. Every company also wants to entice new customers and put their name in the public eye – QR can do that too. QR codes put a company’s digital presence in the palm of the customer’s hand, whether they’re actually online at the time or not. They’re a way to get your name out there and pass around your digital business card in a way like never before. That, and so much more is everything that QR codes can do for your business; and it’s all of those reasons and even more, how they differ so greatly from barcodes.

A QR code is a small, generally square code of black and white symbol. You can create these QR codes for free, and in a multitude of ways – all of which will be covered further on this report – in order to reach your customers. When a customer sees a QR code that you’ve created, they can use their QR code reader (also to be covered later,) to scan it with their iPhone, Android, or other smartphone equipped with a camera and view it. When they do, they’ll be taken to a website or page that has been generated or linked specifically for that QR code. In addition to just taking customers to other websites, you can also set up a QR code to generate phone functions, activate email, IM, and SMS.

What is a QR code? Just a simple square code, really. But one that opens so many doors for your business!

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